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Saskatchewan Chapter  #76

Together, Reducing

Fraud Worldwide

Investigating Allegations of Fraud

Did you have a chance to take in our “Investigating Allegations of Theft Luncheon that we sponsored in Saskatoon Recently?  If you missed this one, you can get a taste of it by looking at this PDF document.


But don’t worry too much.  We plan to have more of these in the future. See you there!

Here is one way to prevent Theft

    Or …… will Winter ever be over???


Sid Bloxom Memorial Scholarship

Did you know that our High School Scholarship program has been running for 9 years and has awarded over $9,000 during this time?


Our Chapter Executive is madly looking for new topics for this years competition.  When they are done this work we will post the topic on this we-site and open up the competition for another year.


Look Here for more details.

Here is a list of prior winners.